View and Download Alphasmart quick start manual online. Keyboard pdf manual download. Basic use instructions for an AlphaSmart are on the back of the unit for quick reference. available from AlphaSmart technical support – Press the On/Off key – first key at the top of the AlphaSmart keyboard. The first . The AlphaSmart can print directly to a large number of printers by using a printer cable. Visit Support Section to see a list of currently .

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Turn the AlphaSmart on and make sure it is not connected to a computer. Click the SmartApplets tab. To exit, press any key. Version number AlphaWord v1.

Replace the AA batteries. This requires the purchase of our alphasjart software called To access the keyboarding timer press cmd-find. AlphaHub or computer is turned off.

Click the Send list tab and verify that the standard SmartApplets, plus any additional SmartApplets you want, appear in the Send List display. When you switch keyboard layouts, all dialog boxes and key commands are driven from the new layout. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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Basics Of Using Allhasmart Alphasmart 1, the file 2 key to go to file 2 and so forth, up to file 8. You may also fax your request please include your fax number to To run the Calculator SmartApplet, press the applets key and use the arrow keys to select Calculator, then press the enter key.


Please note that there may be a risk of physical injury due to improper use of your Aplhasmart You can now unplug the cable from your AlphaSmart The End-User License Agreement appears. Use alkaline batteries for the best results hours of power.

Alphasmart 3000 User Manual

The AlphaSmart can be up to three feet one meter away while transferring text to and from a computer or printer. The addendum includes a chapter 300 AlphaWord Plus features.

Press the Applets button to switch between SmartApplets. Your PC must be running Windows 95 or Windows 98 or higher.

This guide is meant to provide a quickstart for using your computer AlphaSmart. Turn the AlphaSmart off. Step through the onscreen instructions after you specify a location. Topics described in this guide: Paste the text into a document in that application. System Requirements This guide is meant to provide a quickstart for using your computer AlphaSmart.


Keep your AlphaSmart away from extreme heat. You have successfully loaded the SmartApplet onto the AlphaSmart You can now begin installing AlphaSmart Manager 2 page 3. Connecting to the computer infrared mode. In order to help reduce this risk of physical injury, read and follow the instructions in this section. Disconnect the AlphaSmart from the computer.

Page 94 television and radio interference 73 text safety 69, 72 editing 21 send speed 36 entering 19 sending text to a computer 27 formatting 20 sending text to applications 32 text formatting 20 serial printer cable 42 Timer, Keyboarding 52 setting passwords 54 toxic elements statement 15 Show Marks function kanual transfer speed, changing AlphaSmart AlphaSmart http: Double-click the icon to open a window displaying the contents of the CD.


Alphasmart User`s guide |

A device must be version 1. Make sure that there is a direct line of contact between the AlphaSmart and the infrared pod. Watch the version number that appears in the opening screen.

To set a startup SmartApplet from the SmartApplets menu: Page 13 Step Three — When Done allhasmart. Alphabeam For Mac AlphaSmart equipped with the optional infrared module. Printers currently supported by the AlphaSmart are listed in alpyasmart Support Section of our website at www. Mamual other text formatting including: AlphaBeam delete 21 for Mac 31 paste 21 for PC 31 recover 40 characters 24 transferring text 30 connecting your AlphaSmart to a AlphaHub compatibility 57 computer 7 AlphaSmart connecting, laptops 29 keyboard commands table 80 copy command 21 password protection Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.