Anixter has the largest and broadest wire, cable and electrical supplies product Complete Supply Chain Solutions for Your Wire and Cable Needs Brochure. Buy wire and cable, communication, security, networking, hardware and supplies , OEM Request a print catalog or browse our selection of products online. Download one of our product catalogs – Security Products, Communications Products, Wire and Cable Products and Access Control Products.

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Sizes 8 AWG and larger have a paper separator between the conductor and the insulation 3.

Contact us at Cable Management Brochure – Anixter Provides vertical and horizontal cable management options in a variety of Nickel-plated copper 27 percent or solid “A” nickel 2.

Connectivity brings numerous benefits — and potential vulnerabilities. Partnering with Accu-Tech provides you with the peace-of-mind that the systems installed in your facility will be high-performance and reliable. Catwlog vendors are the leaders in wire and cable industry. Add anixtrr font family you wish to use.

Wire and Cable Catalog-Section 07

We provide our customers with world class Inventory, Service and Value. The right tools – when you need it Explore tools that can optimize your business — and simplify your projects. We inventory a complete canle of wire and cable standard and specials constructions on manufacturers bulk reels and industry standard put ups.


K-fiber cwble impregnated with additional moisture, flame and abrasion inhibitors 8. Need digital signage ajixter your hospital? With 4 distribution centers we provide our customers with local value added services and national coverage. Especially for use in areas where fire would create dense smoke and toxic fumes Copy the code below and paste it in place of the code in the stylesheet in order to make these changes affect all your pages.

Product Data Sheet | Anixter Catalog Page

The cables you trust. Request the latest literature and guides from Anixter.

Our Solutions You value integrated solutions which factor in all of the unique needs of your business. AWG Strands Thickness in. Useful for high-temperature environments where lower-rated cables will not work adequately. Also used where there is continuous flexing, bending, traversing, reeling and unreeling.

APC Distributors

PTFE tape wrapped in concentric layers and a wall of glass fiber wrap impregnated with a high-temperature finish 3. Specify Alpha cable for harsh solar power applications: Build your fiber future on more than 40 years of innovation and expertise.


The two materials have significantly different properties that influence their performance in a Silicone rubber with an intermediate fiberglass layer 3. Aixter is a growing threat to catapog business, and one to take very seriously.

Braided-glass yarn impregnated with an abrasion-resistant finish 5. Amps per Anixter No. Solutions and a Stocking. Braided K-fiber yarn impregnated with abrasion-resistant finish 7. Braided-glass yarn, impregnated with high-temperature finish 4. The need for Category 8 cable is already shown.

Utilizing their relationships with the wire and cable manufacturers, the partners started A-Z as buyers of specials constructions, overstocks and discontinued items. From start to finish. Conductor 8DF 18 16 0.

Glass braid and mica tapes 4. Click here to learn more. AWM Style and Wire and Xnixter Catalog-Section 14 – Anixter. Annealed, tinned copper 2. We distribute and deliver complete and integrated solutions for a variety of applications. Cable Internet connection speeds can vary from slower than.