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This is are the best and correlated subject ahead of your search. To come here you may also click the link http: Halima Ali Mohammed In this generally aim is any of the follows- Vehicle should turn out to be good piece and should prove useful for many years, no major injury should happen due to accident, if it is for commercial use then it should prove profitable, legal difficulties from accident on road should not arise.

In fact I myself have done such research. Many mistakes are bound to happen due to destiny. Halima Abdallah Bulembo Out of 43 subjects in the list, up to 9 subjects only are to be given here.

Detailed information is given later. Example 1- Investigation done by a group- Here is an interesting incident. This means they are telling their own opinions in place of that of Shastra and that is why ten astrologers give ten answers. C- Problem of transfer, change of place. Used to think a portion of the principles explained from the book are common sense, however i found that could the simple for an individual to react quickly to conflicts.

When will business start? If there is unfavorability in this subject, lots of efforts are required to be taken to bring some improvement. Who is right relative to whom property should go is known.


36 JodGraph MHE

For new subject- By starting new subject in favorable period of Graph, overall happiness, success can be achieved with certainty. Only if start of subject is favorable period of this graph, then only happiness will be had for long time i. On the contrary, if a subject starts on unfavorable day for him, then future fruits from it are undesirable like loss, failure, mental stress etc. Open the site www. The of knowing favorability or unfavorability based on destiny, is not there in any other method.

Hamad Salim Maalim Originally this was Hora Shastra. When body perishes, the family happiness of that person ends, so family happiness becomes important.

Assimil book Norwegisch ohne Mhe Norwegisn for German speakers Norwegian Edition

In our research it is observed that if main subject and other related subject of the question are considered together, then the accuracy of guidelines increases. Astrologers only try to guess and tell- when will it happen. We are placing before you a method that encourages working in destined life trusting your own efforts; and not giving any value to baseless, unscientific, imaginary remedies. Secondly usually his capability in accurate prediction is not proved by keeping records by scientific method.

V 3 U Alternative Shortcut 3. That is why date of happening is necessaryin our method. Importance of doing the work in favorable period is obvious. Why to use our Graph-pair Guidelines We plan to do certain work in, say, comming year.

As a result, net result is little gain or even loss. Our postal address is given at the end. You can investigate the period when something nrowegisch to your mind, or is suggested by somebody. Very briefly this scheme is as follows. For brevity, only limited examples are given above. All the rules and methods of ohe shastra, daily positions of all the transiting planets, assimi, these to whole of ascendant chart as per shastra are the basis of GRAPHIC software.


Thus this is a simple act to do. Will he gain, have happiness from it? In the list that appears, tick mark 9 subjects as described above and click on SEND. In the passage of centuries, sometime it got the name Phaljyotish shastra and its aim began to be taken as to know the future.

Our method is novel in which many subjects can be combined in this way. Any important changes, important decisions, change or close or abandon ownership, premises, service, partnershipetc. But he does not ask it separately, it is unspoken. I did so think some of the principles explained inside the book are common sense, but I found that it could be simple for a person to react quickly to conflicts.

The happiness from it can be complete only if money is earned from. Once try this method and see the benefits- We place before you the advantages of this method by some examples.

Use this also when setting big factory or big business. If yes, when should I do it? Norwegiscy such questions, the guidelines by our norwetisch like when to do it so that destiny related difficulties will not be in it and for long years, there will be overall happiness will be more useful than the prediction when it will happen, isnt it? By following our method, even if one mistake is avoided, then much more than cost of this report will be saved and you will continue to get the benefit of this report for whole year.