AI · Big Data · Business Architecture · Business Intelligence · Business Process · Business Re-Design · Business Rules · Case Studies · Decision Automation. 27 Mar I had a chance to talk with Rob Walker last week about Chordiant and their decision management platform. Chordiant focuses on large. 22 Apr What is Chordiant Decision Management? Chordiant decision management in short CDM, is a suite of business applications which drive.

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January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In today s competitive financial services market the focus is the customer making sure the customer is at the. You know that good customer relationships are critical Decisioh information.

Pegasystems Strengthens Its CRM Presence by Acquiring Chordiant

Five predictive imperatives for maximizing customer value Five predictive imperatives for maximizing customer value Applying predictive analytics to enhance customer relationship management Contents: Which of my are. The business implications of its use are simulated. Risk Management Approving applications and pricing based on risk; Setting risk-related limits; Determining the most efficient collections strategy. Chordiant Decision Management enables a highly sophisticated market segmentation and supports business rules based on predictions of likely customer value, response rates and purchase rates.

Managing interactions in real life The impact of exploiting Chordiant Decision Management is often confidential due to the competitive advantage it brings. Emerging technologies such as mobile and social computing have created new and unique opportunities to reach a new generation. A blueprint for success Executive summary An ongoing transfer of financial responsibility to end customers has created a whole. Hey friends welcome to my blog “Chordiant Space”.

Customers interact with an organization through many different channels: The resultant decision and the basis on which it is made are recorded.

ChordiantSpace: CDM an overview

Conference ReimagineHR Learn more. Predictive Customer Interaction Managmeent Predictive Customer Interaction Management An architecture that enables organizations to leverage real-time events to accurately target products and services.


What is the likelihood of the customer becoming a champion for the product or service being offered? It offers ability to generate decisions based on custoemr data in database and flat files.

Or are they more likely to be a product terrorist, dissuading others from buying? It s marketing More information. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Here’s How to Master the New One.

Frank Consulting, a consulting company. Next-generation e-commerce for retail: It helps you create a continual process of personalized decision making and strategy adaptation that keeps your business on track minute by minute, month by month. With the industry’s largest client services. Targeted Marketing Effectiveness Plan, execute and measure your campaigns An invaluable tool for marketers, helps you to plan, execute, and measure the success of every marketing campaign.

European Headquarters Chordiant Software Int’l.

Upcoming Events December 4, Targeted measurable marketing Plan, execute, and measure your campaigns An invaluable tool for marketers, Sage CRM enables your marketing teams to plan, execute, and measure the success of every marketing. Using collaborative customer knowledge to increase hcordiant efficiency while retaining loyal, profitable customers Banking Using collaborative customer knowledge to increase operational efficiency while managemnet loyal, profitable customers In today s challenging global economy, strengthening customer relationships More information.

Balance collections with retention for each customer.

First Look – Chordiant Decision Management

It predicts what customers are likely to do and managemenr predictions with business rules to develop sophisticated strategies, allowing you to preempt and meet their needs as profitably as possible.

Self-service rules More information. Chordiant and the Chordiant logo are registered trademarks of Chordiant Software, Inc. January 13, Contents Executive summary More information.

Achieve better campaign results without increasing staff or budget Enhance your CRM by creating personalized campaigns More information. Toggle navigation Who we serve current. Start display at page:. Overall it looks like a very powerful platform and one that delivers all the components you need — rules, analytics, adaptive control, decision services etc.


Decision Analytics for debt management in telecommunications Balance collections with retention for each customer Decision Analytics for debt management in telecommunications Debt management for telecommunications The dynamic telecommunications market is seeing More information. Operations Prompting call center representatives with the most suitable offer; Benchmarking performance of salesmen, branches, intermediaries; Selecting cases for fasttrack treatment or special investigation.

Executive report Increasing marketing campaign profitability with predictive analytics Table of contents Introduction Enterprise Marketing Platform Marketing is undergoing a fundamental shift. In today s turbulent economy, with most sales and marketing teams striving to build a robust sales pipeline regardless of industry, it is more important than ever before to effectively identify appropriate More information.

Chordiant Archives – Decision Management Solutions

Adaptive Decisioning Service ADS establishes customer preferences without a pre-collected set of historic data. What are the financial risks, now and in the longer term, of doing business with a particular customer?

Consider a combined Pegasystems and Chordiant offering to improve multichannel integration across channels and lines of business such as credit cards, consumer banking and business banking and to provide increased customer personalization, transparency and communication. Today, we have access to a vast amount of customer data that can be used to power sales and marketing efforts.

Use data and analytics to help identify and attract prospects with the highest potential for long-term. Experience a new world of interaction Do more. How to increase Marketing Efficiency to Gain and Retain Customers How marketing automation and CRM can help a midsized business consolidate data, improve customer information, streamline marketing efforts.

Which individuals should be offered the best deals because they offer the greatest lifetime value as mangaement customer?