Chûshingura Poster. After their lord is tricked into committing ritual suicide, forty- seven samurai warriors await the chance to avenge their master and reclaim. Chûshingura () Kazuo Hasegawa in Chûshingura () Chûshingura ( ) Shintarô Katsu in Chûshingura () Raizô Ichikawa in Chûshingura. 7 Feb Every culture has its beloved stories, and a favorite among the Japanese is ” Chushingura,” a tale of revenge based on actual events that took.

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It will certainly take more than one viewing. Some hotheads want to take instant revenge, but Yuranosuke prevails on them to take their equal share of the treasury money and retire to the countryside.

Season 4 The Walking Dead: A bushi should pretend he has just finished a meal by having a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, rather than have others think he is hungry. Kanpei is now living with Okaru’s parents and is desperate to chjshingura the vendetta. He must kill himself on two upturned tatami mats which are covered with chushingur white cloth and have small vases of anise placed at the four corners.

Isaac Titsingh and Japan, p. Kira, who was over chushinfura at his death, requires an older actor. Articles containing Japanese-language text. But as he takes a rest, a robber stabs him to death and steals the money. When it was dramatized, the names and details, and even the era were changed because of censorship by the ruling Tokugawa cnushingura, which was not portrayed in a favorable light.

This act gives a taste of the bustling atmosphere of the Gion pleasure quarter in Kyoto. They broke into Kira’s mansion in Edocaptured and executed Kira, and laid his head at the grave of Asano at Sengaku-ji. More Top Movies Trailers Forums.


Finally, on the night of Dec. The Japanese military and most audiences found the first part to be too serious, but the studio and Mizoguchi both regarded it as so important that Part Two was put into production, despite lukewarm reception to Chushingurz One. Such chuahingura the support for the spirit of their mission that he readily agreed. What finally clinches it is that the proprietess has brought the remaining 50 ryo in the same kind of bag that she had given Okaru’s father the previous day–a bag which Kanpei recognizes as being identical to the one which held the money he has just contributed to the chushingurx.

Yuzo Kayama as Takuminokami Asano. Later, he is surrounded by dozens of police who threaten to kill his son if he doesn’t confess.

Kaoyo and the other retainers enter and with Yuranosuke offer traditional incense for the dead.

Chushingura Chushingura

The sequence of events and the characters in this narrative were presented to a wide popular readership in the West. When Okaru whispers to him the contents of the letter she read in her mirror, he guesses that Yuranosuke really intends to kill her, and he asks her to let him kill her instead, for which he might chusingura rewarded by being allowed to join the vendetta.

Retrieved from ” https: A renewed search disclosed an entrance to a secret courtyard hidden behind a large scroll; the courtyard held a small building for storing charcoal and firewood, where two more hidden armed retainers were overcome and killed. Akira Takarada as Gunpei Takada. The Chushingura chain of events began March 14,when Asano Naganori, the young daimyo of the Ako domain in Harima present-day western Hyogo Prefecturedrew his sword and attacked court chamberlain Kira Yoshinaka inside Edo Castle.


The action is rare and very spaced out.

Kanpei realizes it is to finance the vendetta and asks to contribute, although he has no ready cash and is dependent on Okaru’s parents. The puppet performs the role of a stage manager, introducing the names of all the actors to appear in the play, and asking the audience for their kind patronage. Kon Ichikawa directed another version in As they all go off to a back room for a celebratory drink of sake, Gihei’s wife, Osono arrives, wishing both to return the letter of divorce, which she has stolen from her father, and to see their child.

These were proffered as “proofs” authenticating the factual basis of his story. He would take his own life to atone for his sin, but Okaru persuades him to wait.

Chushingura Chushingura | The Japan Times

Kanpei shoots at a wild boar but misses. The incident immediately inspired a succession of kabuki and bunraku plays; the first, The Night Attack at Dawn by the Sogaappeared only two weeks after the chushkngura died. Noticing a great confusion in the palace, Kanpei, who has been secretly meeting with Okaru outside the palace, rushes to its back gate and asks for permission to enter.