Friends Not Masters, a Political Autobiography [President of Pakistan Mohammad Ayub Khan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political Autobiography [Mohammad Ayub KHAN] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political. Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography. Pp. x PDF download for MOHAMMAD AYUB KHAN. Friends Article has an altmetric score of 1 No Access.

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The Sikhs had a well-trained organization which attacked the Mus- mastters and drove diem out towards Pakistan by moving flying columns of armed men from one district to another. Fgiends moment of my life I have dedicated to thcscrvice of my people, never for a moment yielding to any pressure or disappointment. Then there was dissension over the question of music, when we wanted Indian records as well as western ones in the Mess.

I had by then got to know these fellows: The political arena was now available to them for a free-for-all. I would give Iiim unbiased and honest opinion on problems ayuv he consulted me. Very little was being done to redress the grievances of the police force and I knew that I did not have enough strength to deal with any large-scale disturbances.

On arrival there he rang up Colonel Arbab at Thai who, as it transpired later, was another of the conspirators.

I started an arduous battle nott the Ministry of Finance and it took me nearly seven years to resolve some of these problems. Amazon Renewed Refurbished hkan with a warranty. I can sene this country better in my profession, I believe I can do something useful, and in your present frame of mind you arc doing something which in the long run will only damage the country, 5 His answer was another volley of abuse.

One of the conspirators was Brigadier Siddiquc Khan who had served in my unit at one time and was then commanding a Brigade at Bannu. Each one of them was a Bonaparte, albeit an unhappy one. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.

I have an innate dislike towards military dictatorship and hence approached the book with an amount of skepticism and besides, just before reading the book I had a disappointing encounter with the autobiography of another of the Pakistan’s military rulers-Pervez Khsn.


Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography

Choudhry was then Finance Minister in the provincial government. We must have a separate army and we must have separate train- ing insdtudons and other supporting facilities to sustain the army. Eventually, in June1 was informed that I had been selected to go to Sandhurst and naturally I was excited at the prospect. It was seriously suggested at the time that he was encouraged in this by Iskander Mirza, who was setting the stage for his final action.

It is quite common for a Ayun Pakistani to answer a simple question with a grunt and not realize that he is being impolite. Clearly there was need for fundamental rethinking and drastic changes. It is all over. He told me that he had made inquiries and found that these rumours were started by some of the politicians in Abbottabad.

The Governor-General and the Prime Minister finally came to some understanding and a kind of truce was arranged between them. The only good stretch of surfaced road that existed, to my knowledge, was some- where in Pabna district, covering a distance of about thirty miles.

Nothing was really achieved and when Pakistan was established there were several army divisions as well as Scouts and Levies all tied up on the Frontier. To support these institutions a chain of public schools was started. This would give me an opportunity to talk to them informally about our problems. The family decided that it was time for me to go to a regular school. We must first solve all his problems and remove his difficul- ties, whether personal or professional, before this weapon could become fully effective.

But when Chaudhri Mohammad Ali was appointed Prime Minister in August with the support of the United Front he became lukewarm towards the One Unit proposal and suggested that die Bill be circu- lated to elicit public opinion. It was that I should never judge a man by his locality, colour, or vintage. This -was a trial period for junior officers before they joined the Indian Army, and for the British officers it was an oppor- tunity to learn Urdu before their posting to an Indian unit.

I was deputed by the class to go and find out what had happened. By the time I came to Rawalpindi as Adjutant-General the talk about the identity of the next Commander-in-Chicf had become very lively.

I put my troops through a very tough battle inoculation, firing over their heads with rifles and machine-guns, and inside a fortnight I had a well-trained battalion ready for active service in the very difficult terrain. This we can achieve only through honest and straight- forward dealings with others.


Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Sir Ross Masood was the Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh at that tim e and he came to Hyderabad to get a donation for the university from the Nizam. I knew he was praying for me but I did not sdr in my bed lest I should disturb him. This was not acceptable to Sardar Mohammad Khan, so he was thrown into a dried-up well. The decision was that some efus should go to the Govcmor-Gcncraps house and persuade the old man to act with reason and come to some understanding with the Prime Minister, The Prime Minister should go to his own house and wait for a signal from us, Mohammad Ali Bogra put up a brave front but, I think, inwardly he was quite frightened.

But about that I shall have more to say later. Nothing ever perturbed him.

Full text of “Friends Not Masters A Political Autobiography By President Ayub Khan”

Nehru, President Kennedy, and Mr. Had there been any complicity or involvement of any kind, I have no doubt that it would have been discovered. I wish to God you were half as sweet yourself. I remember once unking up in the middle of the night. Haring accomplished that feat, I came out and told hy bovs. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? When the war ended I was sent to the training bby of the regi- ment at Fcrozepur to re-raise my old battalion.

The local tribes, Gujjars, Dalazaks, Jodoons, and Utmanzais, gave him a lot of trouble but he established his control over them by crushing their revolts. Siddiquc told him that the cat was out of the bag. In our circumstances a territorial army lias hardly any place; it would take too much time to mobilize and train such an army. Suhrawardy as the Prime Minister.