Placebo has 28 ratings and 6 reviews. Howard Pittman . This is a book every Christian should read, especially at this time when chaos is increasing in global. Discover the hidden truths about satan and demons, as Pastor Howard Pittman reveals through his near death experience as he was shown the demonic army. The following account comes from Pittman’s book, Placebo, concerning what he saw and experienced as he was given a guided tour of the spirit realm after.

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God howatd no room for error and that includes whatever is in our minds. Like a flash of lightning, the main trunk artery in my body cavity ruptured causing a devastating, sudden, blood loss …So at midnight they carried me into ICU and at 6: Please, oh please, take me back!

The only help I had was the supernatural revelation from the Holy Spirit that the voice I was hearing belonged to satan and not to God. The author testifies of his experience encountering God and even shares what he learned about the demonic or spiritual world. Each of these saints was accompanied bolk at least one guardian angel and some had a whole host of angels with them.

Since we were in the spirit, we still communicated with our minds. Joseph Keesling marked it as to-read Nov 12, Sandie Rivera bok it it was ok Oct 09, We are made in the image of God, therefore, we were given, like God, a sovereign will, the right to choose our destiny.

I thought I had lived a life pleasing to him! They have only one area of expertise which they do very well. The angels immediately carried me away as if I were a wet rag having no strength in myself.


Whatever it is that motivates them seems to excel in their very being while they, in turn, are expressing their fury upon the flesh. That other 1, were not there. God would not allow me to retain the memory of why this place was so beautiful. That powerful, awesome, all-consuming God was now not evident. Itisha Poe rated it really liked it May 03, John denied it, but Jesus confessed that it was so.

By working through his soldiers, God will produce great miracles that will shake the established hierarchy of the so-called organized religion that is in this world today. I started reflecting on what our physical world, called the first heaven, would be like without love.

Centralized in the true gospel preached howqrd the Bible not the modern teaching of it.

Placebo – Howard O. Pittman

I found out later that it was nothing compared to the pain the lost will experience when they receive His everlasting wrath. I learned that guardian angels fight for us, but they cannot fight in the area of our will. Whether or not to obey that voice was my choice. These beings were demons [devils], or fallen angels, and were in thousands of different shapes and forms.

I could feel the awesome power of God. My escort informed me that he wanted me to see a demon in the process of actually possessing a human being. I was unaware boward God had also made an appointment for me that day.

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They were permitted to enter only one at a time. The animals in this world also have a soul. I said, ” Father, if You will grant this request, I promise you I will do better the next time.

Can you imagine what it would be like in your own home or your community if it was totally void of love? All of the other demons seemed to be subject to them. The angel would say where we were going and we were there. This feeling came to me shortly after I had entered the second heaven and I wondered what was causing it. I was totally flabbergasted as I watched and horrified as I saw the demons in all shapes and forms as they moved at will among the humans.


That exception is that the “patient” will not bok allowed to live the life that he confesses with his mouth. For those who call themselves Christians, this is the Laodicean Church Age in which we live. Humanity could see the storm clouds over the horizon, but yet did not believe the rain was imminent. Placebo treatment is, in fact, placfbo of substance, but in the mind of the patient it is real.

All I could say was “Amen” to my own condemnation.

Being made in the image of God, man, like God, has a sovereign will and no spirit hooward violate that will without the permission of the person himself. To be a true Christian one must live it, not just talk it. He appeared before the Lord in the Third Heaven where he pleaded for an extension of his physical life. I knew the high order of the demons resented my presence and would have withstood me had I not been under the protection of the Holy Spirit.