Subclass Visa is a point based visa system and gives the permits the individual to live and work in the Australia. Skilled workers can live and work permanently in Australia with the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass ). Learn more about requirements and process. Provides information for points-tested skilled workers who want to work and live in Australia. To apply for this visa you need to submit an expression of interest.

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Apply for the visa online.

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) (Points-tested) stream

This is a permanent visa and allows visa-holders to remain in Australia indefinitely with full work rights. Check how many points you might get. Scan all documents English and non-English documents in colour in readiness to attach to your visa application.

Eligible occupations include positions such as nurses, engineers, construction managers, architects, foresters, physicians, teachers, dentists, programmers, social workers, mechanics, welders, carpenters, electricians, and more.

The following Visa Pricing Estimator requires you to answer the questions as accurately as possible to provide you with subclasss estimate for lodging a visa application. Student Health Insurance in Australia. The Temporary Work Long Stay visa is an employer-sponsored visa that allows the employee to work for up to four years.

Application conditions Applications are by invitation only. More information is available about bridging visas. Make changes to your EOI. Moving to Australia for Work: Detailed information about updating is available at the Tell us of Changes tab.

On April 19,occupations were removed from the list of eligible occupations for a visa and caveats were applied to You have 60 days from the date of your invitation to apply for the visa. How long they last. Check you are eligible for the visa. SkillSelect invitation rounds will now occur monthly – 08 Aug There is more information about our health requirement. The Skilled Migration Independent Visa subclass is a permanent residency visa that you can apply for if you are a qualified, skilled worker.


The score on your invitation letter is based on the information in your EOI.

This points-based visa is for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, a state or territory, or a family member. Dependents may also include other relatives if they are wholly or substantially reliant on you for financial support for their indeendent needs food, shelter and clothing and they have been reliant on you for that support for a substantial period.

The best advice I can give you is to get more than one shipping quote.

Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa

What you can do. This post was originally published on the True Blue Migration Blog. Eligibility criteria is listed in the Learn about tab. Create an Expression of interest Note: Tell us of changes. To be able to lodge a valid application for this visa you need to first submit an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. The application process involves submitting a detailed expression of interest, being invited eubclass apply by the Australian government, and then submitting your full application with supporting documents.

For more information read Global visa and citizenship processing times. Migration Seminars – Dates – 31 Oct What the Visa Enables You To Do With an visa, you will be able to move permanently to Australia, and you will be able to live, work, and study in Australia indefinitely.

Information about points is available under the Learn about independentt. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

For more info on dependents, please refer to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection website here.


We prefer that you and your family members have health checks before you apply for the visa. If you cannot score at least 65 points, you will not be invited to apply for the visa. You can do this in or outside Australia. After completing My Health Declarations, you will automatically be directed to the online system eMedical Client where you will answer questions about your medical history and receive advice regarding health checks. Check that you can score at least 65 points in your EOI.

Visas | Subclass Skilled Independent Visa Application

If you cannot meet this points score and all other eligibility criteria, you will not be granted the visa. This is a permanent visa.

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass You might need to provide biometrics fingerprints and photo. The Australian Skilled ineependent Independent Visa subclass is an Australian skilled visa for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, a state or territory, or a family member. To be eligible to be granted the visa, at the time you are invited to applyyou must:.

Your skills and qualifications need to be assessed so we know you can work in your nominated occupation. EOIs are submitted through the online system SkillSelect. Applicant documents Documents for dependents under 18 Documents for dependents 18 or older Documents for your partner Documents for non-migrating family members.

You cannot apply for a BVB outside Australia.

Changes to your EOI. We will let you know if you need to provide them.